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Plant Omega

Cholesterol management dietary tool



Expert-curated Premium Pure Plant Omega promotes health benefits with organic, non-GMO ingredients. A glass provides 1100mg Omega-3, preventing heart disease risks and Vegan-friendly.

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Premium Pure Drinking Salad is a doctor-curated dietary therapy tool with 27 organic cruciferous vegetables and whole grains promoting health benefits, especially cancer prevention.

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Premium Pure Beautilicious is a curated dietary therapy with beauty-enhancing ingredients such as Vitamin Bs, CoQ10, collagen that is promoting skin, hair, and nail health.

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23 Mixed
Whole Grains Beverage

Premium Pure Plant Omega

3 easy steps to prepare it right

Add 2 scoops (30g) of Plant Omega

Add warm water according to your desire volume*

Stir until well-mixed and serve!

*We have designed different water volumes to suit your preference.*

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a person with diabetes consume it?

Yes. The recommended carbohydrate intake for a patient with diabetes is 14g - 34g per meal, and one serving of Premium Pure Plant Omega contains 16.9g of carbohydrates, which is about 1 unit of carbohydrate. Thus, it is suitable for patients with diabetes to consume. In addition, Premium Pure Plant Omega contains dietary fiber that will help in blood glucose management.

Can a person with high uric acid/gout consume it?

If experiencing gout attack and is ultrasensitive, temporarily not advisable. However, for mild cases, it is still acceptable to take 1 scoop (15g) per day.

Can a person with cancer consume it?

Yes. Take note, for patients with hormone receptor-positive cancers, the recommended amount will be 1-2 serving(s) per week.

Is Premium Pure Plant Omega gluten-free?

Premium Pure Plant Omega contains a minimal amount of gluten due to wheat germ. Kindly seek your consultant dietitian or physician for recommended intake if you have gluten intolerance.

Is Premium Pure Plant Omega lactose-free?

Yes. There is no lactose content in Premium Pure Plant Omega.

Can Premium Pure Plant Omega be served as a meal replacement?

Yes. Premium Pure Plant Omega can be served as a meal replacement. This is because it contains complete nutrition with three macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fat), as well as dietary fiber which can enhance satiety.

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