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Cholesterol Improvement

I am 43yo, a homemaker since 2010, and have a family history of cholesterol. I had a health screening in 2015 and discovered that my LDL cholesterol level of 3.2 was above the normal reference range. I had another medical screening in 2017, and my total cholesterol increased from 5.0 to 5.3, with an LDL of 3.3. Since then, I’ve been paying attention to my cholesterol problem by restricting my diet in the hopes of lowering my cholesterol level. My total cholesterol had risen to 5.4 by 2021, with LDL at 3.1. I was advised to alter my lifestyle, including exercise and diet, in order to improve my cholesterol and prevent it from worsening.

In April 2022, I began going to the gym and established a routine of exercising for at least an hour every day for the next 18 weeks. I had a medical screening in August 2022, approximately after 4 months of daily routine exercise, but to my disappointment, the total cholesterol increased to 6.1 with an LDL of 3.95. Despite daily exercise, my cholesterol level continued to rise.

In January 2023, I was introduced to Plant Omega drink by a relative and began taking it every morning. My total cholesterol dropped to 4.96 with an LDL of 2.89 by March 2023, after only 6 weeks of consuming Plant Omega drink, the lowest cholesterol level recorded since 2015. Plant Omega has been shown to effectively lower my cholesterol in such a short period of time. My children also started taking Plant Omega as it contains 23 types of mixed whole grains making it a complete and balanced nutrition for my growing children especially the Omega-3 fatty acids in Plant Omega drink, vital for their brain development.

Last but not least, I would highly recommend Plant Omega to all my relatives and friends.

Ms Wendy Kong

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